Indian Quarter Eagle Specifications

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Even though the Indian Head Quarter Eagle represented an extensive change to the coin design, the planchets used to strike the coins remained the same. The composition of the planchets was 90% gold and 10% copper. Uncirculated examples weigh 4.18 grams (64.5 grains) and have a diameter of 18 mm.

The edge of the coin is reeded, but unlike the previous coins of the United States the rim is not raised. Due to this unique configuration, most coins exhibit multiple marks from handling, making a gem set a major challenge.

The mint mark for the three Denver issues is located on the reverse, to the left of the arrows. Philadelphia minted coins do not carry mint marks.

Dates: 1908-1915, 1925-1929
Mint Mark: none (Philadelphia), D (Denver)
Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper
Weight: 4.18 grams
Diameter: 18 mm
Edge: Reeded
Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt